Sukumar Coir
Sukumar coir is private limited company and established in the year 2004 at Erode, Tamil Nadu, India,

Sukumar coir is highly recognized manufacture and exporter of Coco Peat products in india. And we are 100% manufacture with exporter.

We makes use of the most modern technologies and machinery?along with high quality raw materials to produce different blends of coir products.

Sukumar coir is ISO 9001-2008 certified company for quality management system.

we are the manufacture and not the outsourcing Consultant. This enables us to keep the client commitment and do the deliveries on time. Because of we are the manufacturer of all coir products, we used to get the raw material from our own site which gives more quality to the product. Because of this the pricing also will be in control.? We are drying the material in a concrete yard. Because of this, the external particles like sand, mud and small stones are removed and it's less than a percentage.

Also this makes us to do the production on time according to the client requirement and specification.?

The products manufactured are with good quality.?The raw materials are dried only through sun light

which makes the natural organic remains stay in the raw material. Because of this the out come for the end user will be more.?

Joint Venture Partnership

Green Harvest Hydroponics Inc, is a proud Canadian company based in Ontario, Canada involved in Green House hydroponics.

They are involved in Renewable substrate solutions for Green House industry, in-line with the environmental needs in Canada. The board is run by eminent entrepreneurs who have extensive experience as a Green- house grower and a professional horticulturist for the last decade and a serial entrepreneur.

They are involved in the end to end process of manufacturing and distribution of Renewable coco substrates by sourcing the finest material from South of India.

With extensive knowledge and network of experts and quality Control team in Tamil Nadu, India, Green Harvest Hydroponics Inc, one of a kind corporation in Canada, is actively involved in distribution of Coco substrates through out Canada and expanding through- out North America.

They are currently in active strategic partnership with Sukumar Coir India Pvt Limited and are solely responsible for all distribution and sales of the substrates and grow bags to the Hydroponics markets in Canada and United States.

For all sales and price enquiries of Coco Peat Grow bags / slabs, please contact Mr. John at +1-647-648-6453,